This mod allows to create the Node Editor tab in Hypershade. The mod has been updated to the version 0.4 to include the context popup menu.

It is available for download and comes with a MEL installer script that will take care of installing the mod as well as keep any existing modifications that you might have. The mod installation works "on the fly" which means you can do it even without restarting Hypershade. 

If you have installed version 0.3, the installer will remove it and update to the latest version, however it will require you to restart Hypershade if you had it open at the time of installation. 

The script is free for commercial and personal use.

The idea behind this script was to create a tool that will allow to animate a lights position by actually animating the position of the specular highlight, instead of the the lights position. This could be interesting for pack shots or simply as tool to easily adjust the specular at exact position that you want it to be.