Originally the idea was to create a Gizmo that will resemble the Ramp node in Maya, but due to time constraints I have given up on the idea of writing a custom knob to display the ramp. The node has 20 ramps in total, two ramps that cannot be deleted, as they are the starting and the ending ramp, and 18 more ramps that can be deleted.

RampColor.gizmo Version: 0.1 Author: Vladislav Bakic Filesize: 69.42K License: Apache 2.0 License
Below is a list of ramp features:

  • Linear, Symmetrical, Diamond, Circular and Radial ramp types
  • Ramp position offset
  • Tile ramp
  • Scale ramp
  • Freely position ramp markers within the viewer
  • Relative positioning or ramp markers based on the first and the last marker
  • Individually set ramp interpolation per color
  • Output ramp or remapped image
  • Noise distortion, wave, radial and circular wave distortion
  • Reorder ramp
  • Turn off certain colors, or delete them completely
  • Hide individual ramp controls for easier navigation in the viewer

The ramp has been tested in Nuke 7, 8.0v1, 8.0v3 and 8.0v5, version 6 is not supported because of certain masks that are being used, but could be recreated for Nuke 6 if someone really needs it.