Originally the idea was to create a Gizmo that will resemble the Ramp node in Maya, but due to time constraints I have given up on the idea of writing a custom knob to display the ramp. The node has 20 ramps in total, two ramps that cannot be deleted, as they are the starting and the ending ramp, and 18 more ramps that can be deleted.

One thing that I always wanted to do is the ability to import some sort of vector file as a Roto node. The reason for this is that I wanted to load a logo or a shape that I wanted to use a mask and just didn't want to render out a huge PNG image or something. So finally I decide to give it a go with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Since it's an XML based vector file this shouldn't be too complicated. In the end I wound up with a satisfying result, which allows me to import shapes and colors or objects. 

It is not perfect, as the SVG format is quite complex supporting outlines, gradients, animations, images etc. and those things would require quite a bit of coding, but probabaly wouldn't be worth doing, at least not as a gizmo.

This gizmo allows for an image to behave like a texture in UV space, where it can be tiled infinitely, translated infinitely while being wrapped around, it can also be rotated and scaled.